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TRX Suspension Training is all about two things: body-weight resistance and core stability.  This class incorporates both into 45 minutes of solid ab work that will bullet-proof your mid section.  The exercises are moderate to advanced, and the intensity is 9/10
This TRX circuit will increase your power, balance and agility. High-intensity strength trainging burns fat and improves athletic performance, while intervals of sprint training boost anaerobic capacity.


Feel the burn of this stretchtastic experience.  Movement sequences focus on total body muscle sequencing and intensive core engagement.  Yes, this is the class for a tight butt and beach-ready belly.  


Yoga is stretching, and we ALL need to stretch.  Challenge yourself with this progressive style based around the needs of the athletically inclined.  The deep stretching movements and balance poses are sure to fire up your muscles as well as your imagination.

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